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Outward Hound Kyjen 41019 Lucky Dog Slot Toy

lucky dog slotsA good dog toy

Two of my dogs love this. They are smart dogs and love all and any puzzles. They like challenges. It took them a bit to figure it out but once they did they would use it all the time! Kibble was enough to get our dogs interested.

Our dachshund has short legs but instead used her nose to press the flap to get the kibble/treats. Our terrier mutt is large enough to use his paws, but would get confused sometimes and scratch it. Then our two chihuahuas couldn’t use it because they are too small, but instead they would stay behind our dachshund and terrier to get the kibble when they would dispense it.

Sadly though there are a few cons too. Sometimes when our dogs would press the flap too hard they would make it flip over. Also sometimes the kibble or treats would get jammed then our dogs would throw the toy around.

But over all this toy is great, And most of our dogs love it.

Do you feel lucky, pup? Well, do ya? This treat-dispensing slot machine-style game features a kibble-releasing paw press and 3 chambers of jackpot treat-winning fun! When pups push down the paw press treat releaser, Lucky Dog Slots makes it rain goodies! Fill up with your favorite treats or kibbles, and bring “Dog Vegas” fun home to your furry friend. Every dog’s a winner with Outward Hound Games! Bring out the genius in your dog with our interactive, treat-seeking puzzles and exercise toys. Game on!.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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