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Pokémon Ash’s Arena Challenge

Pokémon Ash's Arena ChallengeThe kid loved it, but I don’t get it….

My nephew is a MAJOR Pokemon fan. The kid knows all of the character names and can tell me all of the major stories and their powers, etc. It kind of makes my head spin because when I ask him what he did in school that day, he doesn’t remember. Yeah, he’s THAT kid.

So, I brought this over to his house and squeals and sounds of glee exploded forth from him. He and I then got the package open (well he ripped it open while I stood back out of the way). We sat on the floor to play together. He loved it. He quickly figured out how to do the different “moves” and soon brought out more of his figures that he knew would work with it.

I admit, I don’t really get it. I mean, it’s a super simple toy and it looks to me, it would get boring after a while, but he never seemed to tire of it. He’d put a new guy on there and send them barreling down the arena.

He’s had it for a few months now and he STILL plays with it. I dunno, but it’s “way cool” in his eyes. Good enough for an 8 year old 🙂

Recommended for rabid Pokemon fans.

Step into the competition with the new Ash’s Arena Challenge! Turn Ash’s hat backwards to get him battle-ready and send the highly articulated Pikachu into action. Use the buttons on the arena to activate Pikachu’s Quick Attack, Thunderbolt and Iron Tail to take down its opponent. These three unique battle moves also activate authentic music, voice and attack sounds for realistic battle play. This set includes an articulated Pikachu, articulated Ash, a Wobbuffet figure, and arena. As a bonus, most small size Pokémon figures are compatible with the arena.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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