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Mondaynoon Women’s SWAROVSKI ELEMENT Crystal ‘Look of Love’ Charm Tennis Bracelet 7.67″

Mondaynoon braceletFor us girls that like a little understated sparkle

Wow, I was really surprised when I opened this. The way it’s packaged and presented is really tasteful. I’m not a girly girl, but I do like to dress up now and then and I like something sparkly each day. Just enough to make the girl in me sing, but the kid-wrangler in me not laugh at the thought. I got this in purple, my favorite color, and it’s gorgeous. I felt like I was opening something really special. The bracelet itself is really easy to get on, by yourself (yes, I know!) and fits my wrist very well. I have thin wrists so sometimes things look weird or hang too loose on them. The way this is designed is that while it’s loose, it doesn’t look weird and droopy and it’s obviously designed for different shapes and sizes in mind. I really appreciated that!

The beautiful purple against the silver, in this setting is just perfection. It’s not too flashy or gaudy. It’s simple and elegant, which is just how I like my jewelry. I’ll be wearing this with a black dress for a party later this month, it’s just perfect!

Highly recommended for the ladies that like sparkly things with class.

Note: I was given a review sample of this product at no cost to me. It does not affect my reviews, as they are always balanced and honest.

This Mondaynoon Languishing Austrian Crystal Tennis Bracelet will add a little sparkle to your day!It is the ideal accent to any outfit, dressy or casual. Also perfect as a wedding gift, birthday gift, memorial day’s gift or the adult gift, it is really very wonderful. We ensure that each product is smooth with no defect, error is less than 0.33 mm, slightly more refined processing, caress your tender skin.

Rating: ★★★★★

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