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Elite Platinum EPC-678SS MaxiMatic 11-Function Digital Pressure Cooker with Stainless Steel Pot, 6-Quart

cookerLots of functionality, easy to clean!

With two working adults and 3 busy, growing and (always) hungry kids, it can be difficult to make sure dinner is ready on time. We find that we end up using the microwave, oven, stove, and sometimes a griddle just to get one meal ready. While we didn’t have any room for an extra appliance, we needed something else that would give us a hand.

The MaxiMatic is small enough that it doesn’t take much counter space. It is light enough that you can move it to a pantry or closet between uses.

So far we have used it to make a soup, cook a pot roast, and to steam broccoli. In all 3 cases the MaxiMatic did its job well.

If you have a modern style, stainless steel kitchen, this little baby will look right at home!

Overall: 4 stars. Multi-purpose cooking appliance. Lots of functionality, easy to clean.

Maxi-Matic U.S.A has been an established provider of small kitchen electrics and other various household items for more than 25-year. The company has grown from exclusively marketing the Pillsbury line to developing its own brands which are carried by all major U.S. retailers today. Over the years, the company has added many more products to its portfolio and earned a reputation as a “Can Do” company.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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