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T.S. Shure Numbers Wooden Magnets 20 Piece MagnaFun Set

magnetsOne of the keys to learning a skill is repetition. This is true whether you are learning to play violin, learning you multiplication tables, or just learning to count! But at least with learning music you get to try different songs. With your multiplication tables you can switch up the order. Learning to count? A lot of the practice comes from having a lot of things to count!

My husband is a teacher and he says these come in really handy because each number has it’s own thing to count. Have a child that can count but doesn’t know the look of the numbers? Have him find the right one, trace it with his finger, and write it on his own. Have children at different skill levels? Split the magnets between them and have them put their group in order.

The colorful images also help keep children’s focus on the magnet and away from other things going on in the room. The size is just big enough to be easy for children to hold, but small enough so the entire set fits in its easy to store and tote container.

These have been used for 30 minutes a day for the the last month and look like they haven’t been out of the box.

Overall: 4 stars. Awesome learning toy.

Get ready for hours of imaginative learning and discovery. This set comes jam-packed with 20 Number MagnaFun Magnets in a wooden carrying case with a sliding lid. Each wooden magnet is laminated with an original illustrated number. MagnaFun Wooden Magnetic Numbers are perfect for creative play on any magnetic surface at home and on the go!

Rating: ★★★★☆

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