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MIRA Chefs Professional Digital Kitchen Scale, Blue


The perfect kitchen scale with flair!

Why oh why are there not more colorful kitchen products? There are just a few out there that are making bright colors for the room we seem to always congregate in. It seems we’re stuck with black and white or spending some serious money for high end bright products. When I was asked if I want to do a review for this item (in exchange for keeping it free of charge), I jumped on it and requested the orange one. I have to tell you that this thing is a gorgeous orange. It’s not neon burn your eyeballs out bright, but it’s a nice subtle beautiful orange.

BUT this is more than just a pretty scale. The lines are sleek and modern and it work SO well. I love that it zeros itself out by magic and never misses. I also love that the display is bright and large enough that I can read it – even first thing in the morning before my coffee and before I’ve located my glasses.

One of my absolute favorite features of this scale is that the body of it longer than most. For some reason, the scales I see are square, which makes NO sense. This one leaves enough room for whatever items you’re looking to weigh and the display. It’s a flat unit, there’s nothing to snag when you’re moving around and it’s super easy to clean.

This is one of those items that we got in for review, it went into our lives and it’s stayed there. It didn’t find it’s way quietly into the Goodwill bin or home with a friend. Lovin’ it!

Accurate Kitchen Scale, Food Scale, Digital Kitchen Scale, Large Display, Easy to Clean: Weighing food is no longer a boring chore. The MIRA glass digital scale has all the features you ever wanted: an easy-to-read large display, precise measurement, and easy maintenance. Don’t worry about the container weight: Open the box, and start weighing! The MIRA digital kitchen scale arrives with 3 AAA batteries. The MIRA digital kitchen scale has a TARE feature that automatically deducts the weight of your food container or dish to provide the actual grams, ounces, or pounds of the ingredients alone. Sleek, strong & easy to maintain: This MIRA glass digital kitchen scale looks so good that you can use it as part of your kitchen decor. The scale’s tempered glass top is 4X stronger than ordinary glass and is available in a range of gorgeous colors. But, if you do decide to store it, it’s slim design occupies very little storage space. The glass surface is also simple to wipe clean. Accurate & Precise: Within its durable exterior, the MIRA digital kitchen scale houses 4 precision sensors that generate accurate measurements. These measurements are displayed on generous-sized LCD display making it easy to read. Satisfaction Guaranteed: Buy with confidence knowing that MIRA stands behind the superb performance of its accurate and durable glass food scale with a 2 year warranty. Versatile: Use the MIRA scale as you see fit! Portion control, cooking , baking or anything else. Easy-Access “Tap On/Tap Off” Touch Sensitive Buttons Slim shape saves valuable counter space Batteries included Range of tinted glass colors to match your decor.

Rating: ★★★★★

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