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Strad Rosin for Violin

strad rosin for violinThis is SO cute. My daughter had a big recital coming up and I wanted to get her something special, but I didn’t want to give her flowers afterwards and I didn’t want to give her something not related to her violin. I came on here looking for ideas and I stumbled across this. I figured the rosin would be sub-par, but I wasn’t worried about that, it was the idea of it that drew me to it.

When I gave it to her, she was thrilled! It took her a few minutes to figure out that it opened and rosin was inside. She’s been using it when she practices in conjunction with another rosin and she says the two together are just perfect for her. So, the rosin is actually good quality. But not the case. It really is cute! It’s a perfect gift for the violinist in your life.

Note: We actually had to order two of these. The first one, we dropped opening it and it cracked all to pieces. Don’t let that deter you – it fell five foot directly onto hard ceramic flooring, not much survives that drop.

This unique box contains Bogaro & Clemente’s own high-quality violin rosin, which is based on an old Italian recipe. This box is handcrafted from root of tuja wood, with the precise, to-scale shape of Stradivarius’s famed interior form. This rosin is formulated for violins.

Rating: ★★★★★

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