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Kobi Electric K7L6 12-watt (60-Watt) PAR30 LED 3000K Warm White Outdoor Flood Light Bulb, Non-Dimmable

My family has always been fairly energy conscious. We first switched to CFL bulbs a few years back but the lack of instant on, long warm up time, and the upfront cost has constantly disillusioned us. About 6 months ago we started transitioning to LED bulbs in the house, but this is our first exterior lamp purchase.

Is it instant on? Yes.
Does it have to warm up? Nope.
And I would have to say that the light quality is just as good as the incandescent bulb it replaced.

But is it worth paying 12x the cost of a similar incandescent?

Well, obviously I haven’t had this bulb that long, but looking at the warranty and the ratings:

Kobi LED: 12 watts
Competitor Incandescent: 60 watts

Are you really going to notice $3 a year (or so) in energy savings? (Maybe, maybe not)

Kobi LED: 25,000 hours
Competitor Incandescent: 2,000 hours

Even if you don’t save any money on electricity, the two pretty much break even.

Where I see the biggest advantage is in security and convenience: If you leave this light on for 9 hours every night you should not have to replace it for almost 8 years. Mine is only on when it is needed, maybe 4 hours a night, max. If everything go right, this bulb could last as long at 20 years. My grandparents talked about bulbs that last this long, but I’ve certain never seen one.

But I’m looking forward to it!

The Kobe Electric PAR30L LED light bulb produces 700 lumens which makes it the ideal replacement for a 60-watt halogen light bulb. Being UL approved for wet locations, it is ideal for the outdoor application where it is exposed to rain or snow. Not all PAR30L LED bulbs are UL approved for wet locations, Consumers beware. This is the perfect PAR30L LED for outdoor security lighting or outdoor spot lighting. Designed by KOBI in Texas to deliver maximum value at an affordable price. We stand behind our products with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty – if you are less than completely satisfied, we will make it right. Let us know by calling 800-505-2106 or email: helpdeskatkobielectric.com.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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