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Natural Balance Pumpkin and Chicken Meal Formula with Papaya Dental Chews for Small to Medium Dogs, 13-Ounce

My dogs love chewy things and I love the idea of not brushing their teeth. In fact, I hate brushing their teeth and even though the vet says we should, I will admit that we rarely do. I’m sorry, but I’m just NOT going to make it part of my nightly routine. It just ain’t not happening over here, folks.

My terrier/dachshund isn’t really picky so he LOVES these things. He’ll do anything for them, sit, shake, even do his little 360 turn dance on his hind legs. My female chihuahua turned her nose up to them, but she turns her nose up at everything unless it’s a nice brie or sharp cheddar cheese because she’s a diva. BUT the real test of a doggie treat is my male chihuahua. HE loved them too. I gave it to him and sniffed, grabbed it and hid under the table. I found him with it standing up between his paws and he was happily gnawing away.

I was pretty happy with the ingredient list and the packaging was easy to open and reseal. A great find and one I suspect we’ll be purchasing on a regular basis. I like pumpkin in my dog’s diets, it seems to help keep their digestive systems working well.

Recommended for dogs that like chewy treats and pet owners that like to spoil their pups.

Natural Balance Dental Chews are scientifically formulated to encourage your dog’s natural chewing instinct, to help support healthy teeth and gums.

  • Helps Reduce Plaque & Tartar; Unique grooves encourage healthy chewing action and the removal of plaque & tartar
  • Easy to Digest; Formulated to support easy chewing and digestion
  • Helps Freshen Breath; The mechanical chewing action helps remove plaque & tartar that may cause bad breath
  • With Antioxidant Nutrient; Vitamin C, a key antioxidant nutrient, is added to help support immune function

Pumpkin, Potato Starch, Chicken Meal, Glycerin, Papaya, Natural Chicken Flavor, Lecithin, Beta-Carotene (color), Parsley, Alfalfa, Sorbic Acid (preservative), L-Ascorbyl-2-Polyphosphate (source of Vitamin C).

Rating: ★★★★☆

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