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myCharge Amp Max Rechargeable 6000 mAh Battery (AM60K-A)

I’m a myCharge fan. Over the years, I’ve purchased several myCharge products. My favorite ones have the built in cords so you don’t have to worry about being without a charging cord. I was hesitant to try this one because I’m pretty much married to that mobile battery. My entire family has various mobile chargers (why is that teens can NOT remember to charge their precious phones?!?!?) so we’re very familiar with all types of these.

Overall, we liked the quality and the size. It was perfect for tossing into a kid’s backpack when heading out for the day, knowing they would be able to charge their phone to get in touch with us after spending hours on a bus, watching videos on it. What really impressed us, though… the time. Man, this thing charges pretty quickly for such a small device! A phone from completely discharged to fully charged took less than two hours.

When I go to week long conference, I always take two mobile chargers, they are great for your tablet/phone while taking notes or whatever else you may be doing. Conferences are usually very long days, at least 12 hours. So having this with you makes you not only the smart girl for not having to hunt down a preciously few outlet, but it also helps strike up conversations. Several times, I’ve sat down at a table and had someone there hunting for an outlet (to no avail) and offered to let them juice up their device with my mobile charger. It’s a great ice-breaker to conversation.

But, bottom line? This thing just works. If you want more power, look at the 9000 mAh Power Bank by this same company, but for quick on-the-go charging, this can’t be beat.

Recommended for everyone that’s ever had to say “oh darn, my battery is dead!”

The my Charge Amp Max Rechargeable 6000 mash Battery delivers 2.4A output via USB port. Pre-charged and ready to use, the Amp Max has Peak Power Technology that draws maximum power from your power source. The High Density Battery Technology gives you more power in a smaller footprint. Smart sense Technology, identifies and charges any device. Four-light LED battery indicator shows how much power you have left. A convenient built-in flashlight is built into the Amp Max. Premium soft-touch finish. Recharge cable included.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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