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Hot Wheels Workshop Track Builder Starter Set

My kids had a blast with this track set. However, we had a lot more than just the “Starter Set”. We have a lot of the accessories that are available.

Without the accessories, the Track Builder Starter Set is a little “ho-hum”. You can release 5 cars in 4 different directions. Or You can race to cars downhill. Not a lot of variety there.

However, with the addition of the loops, launchers, and additional track this set becomes can integral part of a great play experience.

I think if they had added just a little more to the basic set, they would have had a great value. However, as it is, it is a bit disappointing but still good for a little diversion.

Overall: 3 stars. Good, but could use some of the accessories in the Starter Set.

This super tower delivers higher thrills! For more creative and captivating racing, this starter set offers ‘do it yourself’ fun for boys and includes a full play pattern. Race five cars in four different directions! (one car is included; others sold separately). Brave sky-high ramps, race a plane with the radar tower stunt, jump through flames and compete in a furious side-by-side race. The cool tower features multiple places for even more tracks to connect (sold separately). It’s a visual spectacle of steep hills, diverse action and an entire Hot Wheels system unto itself!

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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