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Frosted Shadow, a Toni Diamond comic murder mystery (Toni Diamond Makeup Mysteries) by Nancy Warren

I’ve read some pretty craptastic cozy mysteries over the past several years. When the author sent this book in with a review request, I let it sit for quite a while. I just couldn’t wrap my head around how it wasn’t going to make me groan and gouge my eyes out with a spoon.

I was sitting around one day looking for something mindless to read because I’d just finished reading a heavy book and needed something light and easy. I thought “okay, why not”.

Oh, boy.

This was NOT what I was expecting at all. It actually had a decent plot, a good little mystery with plenty of twists. Yes, you’ll pick the ending out pretty quickly, but does it really matter? It’s kind of like Psycho meets Mary Kay, but in a good kind of way.

The writing was decent, there were a few sections that went on a little bit too long, but overall the author does a great job of moving the story forward and keeping you interested and entertained. It’s not going to win a heavy literature award any time soon, but that’s not why I read this book. It delivered exactly what it promised.

I also liked the cover. Yes, I judge books by their covers.

Definitely recommended for cozy mystery readers. You’ll figure out the whodunnit, but it won’t matter.

There’s nothing pretty about murder.
Meet Toni Diamond, make up artist to middle America. She’s also got a nose for trouble and a passion for solving mysteries. Imagine Columbo in a lavender suit. She never met a woman who wouldn’t look better with a little help from the Lady Bianca line of cosmetics. But don’t be fooled by appearances. Underneath the fake diamonds and the big hair is a sharp brain and a keen eye that sees the details as well as the funny side of life. When a Lady Bianca sales rep is murdered at the annual convention in Dallas, Toni is the one who notices things that some people, like sexy Detective Luke Marciano, might easily miss. Only someone who understands as much about how to make appearances deceiving could see into the mind of this killer — a murderer who wants to give Toni a permanent makeover. Into a dead woman.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Book count for 2014: 07

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