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Pelican Phone Protector for Samsung Galaxy S4 – Retail Packaging

Sometimes you want to make your phone pretty. Other times, you want to make sure that it is protected. The Pelican Phone Protector is for the latter.

Is it pretty? Somebody once said “In simplicity, there is beauty.” If that is so, then this case is the most gorgeous case I’ve ever seen. Color choices are limited to two tone solids. They call mine “Black/Grey”, more like “Dark Grey/Light Grey”, but really I am not picky. If you really must have a case that is pretty by the standard definition, there is a nice flat area on the back of the case where you can put your stickers, bling, or whatever picture you’d like.

I said it was rugged. Have you ever dropped your phone and thought “Wow, the phone is still perfect, but the case chipped. Guess I need a new one?” I’m not normally fumble fingered, but I do have a bad habit of putting my phone in my pocket, and then it falls out. This has happened twice so far. The first time the phone only fell about 2 feet. The 2nd time, it fell about 5 feet. That is what I get for sitting on the railing outside the restaurant.

Do I need a new phone? Nope. Do I need a new case? Negative. The Pelican Phone Protector isn’t scuffed, scratched, or even dented. Did I mention it fell 5 feet? Onto concrete? I think rugged is an understatement (at least by normal urban living standards.)

Installation of the case is a breeze. It snapped on in about 5 seconds. It’s not quite as easy to get off, but I don’t plan on doing that anytime soon, so I should be ok. That 5 foot fall? The case didn’t so much as come apart at an edge. I may need a pry bar to get it off.

Overall: 5 Stars. Awesome protection, classic good looks. I only wish I’d gotten the purple one (my fault, I didn’t see it was available.)

Now you can get through the daily grind with one less thing to worry about: dropping your smart phone. Our engineers conceived two levels of protection: a tough chamfer design on the outside and a soft elastomeric lining on the inside. The result? Upon impact the Pelican ProGear Protector case deflects energy and cushions your phone, preventing damage to the fragile glass surface and sensitive electronics.

Rating: ★★★★★

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