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Bio Spot Active Care Stress Management Chewable Tablets for Dogs, 30 Count

We have 3 dogs:

One is hyperactive, one is pretty active, and the other is..umm…”Matronly”, her ladyship watches over her domain with grace and dignity. We were throwing a surprise party for my husband, and I thought these would be perfect for the occasion.

We gave the tablets to each dog, once per day for the allotted 7 days. On the plus side, they took the “treat” with no problem. We really didn’t see any change during that time, but of course they weren’t stressed, so didn’t really expect anything.

On the day of the party we had about 40 people show up. The dogs were excited as usual, but I do believe they were a little more mellow than usual. To tell you the truth, with Mr. Hyperactive and Ms. Matronly, we really didn’t observe much of a difference. Only with “Mr. Yippy” can I really say,”Wow, he handled that well.”

Overall: 3 stars. Dogs like them, results may vary.

Bio Spot Active Care Chewable Stress Management Tablets are clinically prove to improve response to loud noises in as few as 7 days of administration and are also clinically proven to reduce compulsive behaviors, sometimes after as few as 6 days.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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