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Swingline SmartTouch Compact Stapler, Reduced Effort, 25 Sheets, Black/Gray (S7066508)

I recently had to staple by hand 1,150 individual sets of papers. I needed to do it quickly and efficiently. An electric stapler would have been nice, but was 1.) too expensive and 2.) actually takes longer than manual stapling. A plain old desktop stapler was my best best to get the job done until this little beauty became available.

Over the 1,150 sets stapled I had:
Zero (0) jams.
Zero (0) messed up staples.
Zero (0) hand cramps.

Frankly, as far as stapling goes, it was a great experience!

I have one complaint, and it is minimal:

It doesn’t hold a whole “standard” length of staples. However, you can buy boxes with shorter lengths, or just snap a standard length in half. This really didn’t affect my experience with the stapler at all, but I felt it might cause some people to give the stapler 4 stars instead of 5.

I really don’t see using this as my “every day” desktop stapler. I will save it for those daunting stapling tasks that come along every few months.

Overall: 5 stars. Great stapler!

The compact SmartTouch stapler is slightly smaller, but still ergonomic. It conserves desktop space and holds a half strip of staples. It delivers premium stapling power with quiet, smooth operation. The reduced effort design makes stapling 50% easier in comparison to traditional staplers yet one seamless, easy motion staples as many as 25 sheets at a time. SmartTouch also has soft-touch accents for comfortable handheld or desktop use. QuickLoad magazine loads staples in the front. Black/Gray.

Rating: ★★★★★

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