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The Day Before 9/11 by Tucker Elliot

Wow. I read a lot of memoirs. There are sad ones, happy ones, memorable ones, ones with a moral… this book had all of that and more. When this came in from the author with a request for a review, my first thought was, “oh man, not another 9/11 book”. I admit, that while 9/11 will live with us all forever, there has been a lot of books written on the subject and I thought I had pretty much read it all.

Until now.

This book touched me deeply. As the wife of a teacher, I can promise you that every single teacher I have ever met cares about their kids (and they do call them that, “my kids” comes out of husband’s mouth a lot in regards to his students). When their students hurt, they hurt. When their students feel successful, they feel successful. When their students feel stress, they feel stress. Teaching is one of the hardest jobs in the world.

Teaching overseas must be an entire big ball of wax. Teaching during 9/11 overseas… well, I cannot even imagine. The author does a fabulous job of bringing us into his world during this time period, but I can honestly say that I still can’t fully fathom it. Perhaps, I never will.

This guy, he’s not only a hero, he’s a darn good teacher, a caring individual, a gifted story-writer and one heck of a memoirist. I don’t want to give away any plot points in this review, so I’m just going to tell you to read it. You’ll see 9/11 in a whole other light, the children’s views. The families angst. It must be overwhelming.

A must read… for pretty much everyone.

In Korea, a soldier’s daughter is jetlagged and lost in her new school. In Germany, a military family welcomes the birth of a second child. In the aftermath of 9/11, both families – dads, moms, and kids – will fight the war on terror.

A harrowing true story that spans America’s first decade post-9/11, The Day Before 9/11 portrays in riveting detail the sacrifices made by military families serving overseas and the enduring pain that accompanies the tragic loss of life.

Rating: ★★★★★

Book count for 2014: 03

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