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Black and Decker WG1041WC 4-in-1 Waffle Sandwich Grill Griddle

We have owned several sandwich makers over the years. We’d use them for a while, then they’d get stored away until they were finally thrown out. The main reason? They were one trick ponies. We’re hoping that this is the “sandwich maker to end all sandwich makers” for our family.

Things we like:

Trays: removable for easy cleaning! This is very important as our children are old enough to “do for themselves” but not yet responsible enough to always clean up.

Flexible: Waffles, Sandwich, Grill. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner!

Small: Counter space is always at a premium. This unit is small enough to stack on a larger flat appliance or push into a corner.

Things we don’t like:

The feel: The handles and the trays all feel really flimsy. I’m afraid if we drop one, that will be it for the plate. Luckily this seems unlikely as they are small and light.

Overall: 4 Stars. Flexible meal-maker. Just don’t expect it to compete with more expensive competition.

This 4-in-1 grill, waffle maker, sandwich press and griddle is great for making all of your favorites. 4 non-stick plates are included, along with a cool-touch handle, ready indicator light all for added convenience. A cord wrap and vertical storage base are great for quick clean up.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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