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[9999 DAYS WARRANTY]3100mAh External Battery Charger by 5 Star America **THINNEST + FASTEST CHARGING EXTERNAL BATTERY PACK IN THE WORLD 2A Output** Color:Yellow/Black for iPhone 5s/5/5c (Lightning Adapter not included) 4S 4 3GS, iPod, Samsung Galaxy Note 1/2/3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus, HTC One X, One S, Sensation G14, ThunderBolt, Nokia N9 Lumia 1020 920, Blackberry Z10, GoPro and other-Best mAh/$ Capacity Value (5S-31-Yellow/Black) by 5 Star America

I travel a lot and have owned a lot of “portable power bricks” in the past. Those fell into either of two categories:

1. Actually portable, not much power.

2. Decent power, where do they expect me to carry this?

The 5 Star America External Battery Charger is truly portable, and packs a bit of power, too! The 3100 mAh that the unit provides is more than enough to charge my Galaxy S4 from completely dead to completely full. This is a must for any business person on the go that might be away from a plug to charge their device.

The version I have is bright yellow: easy to find in your purse, briefcase, or in your office drawer while you are getting ready to head out! (And yes, like others I am also not a fan of the garish graphics on the back. But this is about function, not a beauty contest!)

Note: This unit was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review of the product.

Real 3100mAH Capacity! No inflated capacity rating or BS like other brands! We also make the Thinnest and Fastest External Battery Pack in the World!

The best mAh/$ Value in Market Guarantee!

Don’t like it? Return it! We are confident that you will not be returning since no one can beat this mAH/$ savings


Input: 5V/1.5A. Charge time 2 hours =FASTEST INPUT CHARGE FOR 3000mAh CLASS IN THEWORLD!

Output:1 standard USB port@2.1A =FASTEST OUTPUT CHARGE FOR 3000mAh CLASS IN THE WORLD!

Include: Flat line microUSB Charging Cable

9999 Days Warranty – Longest in Industry:

How about a 9999 Days Warranty to keep you as our happy customer?

Each battery pack comes with 9999 Days Warranty. This Warranty is longer than all your devices warranty period combined!

For most batteries on the market, this energy loss reduces the effective capacity by up to 30% of the total power of an external battery. Their total energy conversion rate (TECR) is @ a mere 70%. 5 Star America’s highly advanced batteries have an astonishing 85% TECR.

We achieve these results by employing a design that includes the best internal batteries made for LG phones, Made in Japan control chip and an aluminium battery heat transfer method that keeps heat away from the internal components. Our batteries can go through over 500 full charge/discharge cycles over the life of the product.

Charge-Through Technology

Most batteries we encountered are not capable of charging other devices while the external batteries are getting charged. To make life simpler we have a battery that can do both at the same time.

Only products in Fulfillment by Amazon Program are authorized Resellers

Rating: ★★★★★

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