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tri-FACTa Multiplication and Division Game by Learning Resources

This is another great tri-FACTa game.

Well made with clear rules, this is a great game for home and an awesome tool for the classroom.

So let’s face it: in school they do not practice math facts. They are taught them, but then the practice is supposed to happen at home. Who really wants to spend hours with flash cards? Not you and not your kids.

Turn that boring time into family time. You get to spend some time having fun and your kids will get much needed fact practice.

Schools don’t drill math facts like in the “old days”. They don’t go for memorization, they go for understanding. In the classroom, tri-FACTa makes an engaging station for those kids that need help seeing the connection between different facts and numbers.

Overall: 4 stars. Education and fun in one box.

Multiply, divide, score. Work with math facts and fact-family concepts like never before. Triangle format is familiar, providing a visual cue, while game play makes tricky multiplication and division fun. Includes triangle game board, 100 cards (facts up to 100) and four trays. For 2–4 players. Game board measures 10”. Grades 3+

Rating: ★★★★☆

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