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Rocksmith 2014 Edition – Xbox 360 (Cable Included) by Ubisoft

When I was a kid, I played in a garage band. I picked up my dad’s old guitar and strummed the rhythm part, but I was always jealous of the lead guitar. Yes, my part was the “foundation” but that guy really rocked. The Navy, a family, a couple of jobs and 20 years later I still remember the way he flew through those rifts.

While I’m not saying I am going to be the next Eddie Van Halen, I do feel that Rocksmith 2014 is starting me down the road to (finally) playing lead guitar. Now I can strum away on my old acoustic, but when I feel the need, I can switch to my electric (once gathering dust) and fire up Rocksmith.

What Rocksmith does best is adapt to you. It adapts to your skill level. It recognizes your mistakes. It is like having a one-on-one instructor that doesn’t judge or wince when you hit a wrong note. Or charge you $100 an hour for lessons.

I wish that Rocksmith taught you to read music. I could really use help in that category, but I supposed that I’ll have to break out some flash cards and learn it the old fashioned way. My hope is that I will soon be able to join in with some friends that currently get together and play on the weekends.

Overall: 4 stars. A new and effective tool for learning to play a musical instrument. Just realize that sooner or later you are probably going to want to learn to read music.

Join over 1.5 million people who have learned to play guitar with the award-wining Rocksmith method. Plug any real guitar or bass directly into your computer or game console, and you’ll learn to play in just 60 days.

The all-new Rocksmith 2014 Edition is bigger, better, and faster than ever. Rebuilt from the ground-up, you’ll experience vastly improved response time, user-friendly navigation, more flexible and deeper practice tools, new techniques and tunings, over 50 new hit songs, and much more.

With the revolutionary Session Mode, Rocksmith 2014 Edition takes guitar-learning to the next level by allowing you to play guitar with a virtual band that follows your every lead. Select from an assortment of backing instruments or styles, and Session Mode plays along with you in real-time.

Take the 60-Day Challenge and start learning guitar today with Rocksmith 2014 Edition.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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