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We signed up for this service and got our first shipment recently. We have two chihuahuas and a Schnauzer/Terrier/Dachshund mix. We knew the chihuahua don’t really play with toys, but like treats, but the other one does so we opted to get the box for medium dogs.

This month, we got some organic pizza dog treats, a venison ear, a venison chew stick, a beef hide, some liquid bandage and an awesome treat ball toy. The dogs have LOVED it all. The treats are great quality and even our pickiest princess is enjoying them. And she doesn’t like ANYTHING.

Our medium dog is very high energy and likes to play and run and jump and act like the crazy dog that he is. The ball toy is AWESOME. He will play “soccer” with that ball for a LONG time trying to get the treats to come out. It’s nice because you can adjust the size of the hole for the size of the treat.

We paid up front for a full 6 month subscription. We’re excited to see what comes in next month for sure! Much like LootCrate, it comes each month and you never know what is going to be in there. Yes, it’s a risk that you won’t like the box, but we’ve had luck with LootCrate and I expect to have more luck with BarkBox. So far, we’re very impressed. Well worth the money!

You can sign up at https://barkbox.com/r/9LVFORMB9UR (yes, you get $5 off your first month and we get a free box for referring you)

Update: Wow, so I posted a funny pic on their Facebook page because the 2nd box just arrived and, like all squeaker/plush toys, Anton tore it up in less than 5 minutes. I just thought it was funny because that dog is CRAZY about squeakers, in particular. I wasn’t complaining, just laughing, because we do buy one now and then to laugh at his insanity over getting that squeaker OUT so he can play with it. They asked me to email them and they added him to a “heavy chewers” list – they apparently try to put tougher toys in there for dogs that are a little more nuts than others. Anton isn’t a toy cuddler – he’s a toy destroyer! 🙂 What great service!

BarkBox is, literally, for the dogs. Our goal? To make dogs happy. We aim to surprise and delight with our monthly BarkBoxes that contain all-natural treats and other the coolest pup products in each box — things you can’t find at the typical big-box pet store. We have our treat and toy scouts scouring the country every month for the best toys and treats that will make your dog happy and healthy. (More about what’s in a BarkBox.)

We’re based in New York City, and together we design, write, code, curate, package, email, post, push, collect, joke, and snorgle the office pups.

For a good cause: We’re committed to giving 10% of all proceeds to a local shelter or rescue.

BarkBox is dedicated to supporting the health and happiness of all dogs! That’s why we donate at least 10% of our profits to shelters, rescues and animal welfare organizations. We do this through many different campaigns and types of donations. We are interested in working with any rescue, shelter, non-profit or organization that helps change the lives of dogs in need. Our goal? A world where all dogs are happy, healthy and in a safe, loving home.

Rating: ★★★★★

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