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UPRISING (Bonfire Chronicles) by Imogen Rose

I read a lot of independently published books. There are a handful of authors that are on my “don’t miss” list. Imogen Rose sits at the top of that list for a reason. This lady can tell a story! I keep waiting for a book that I hate from her to come down, but every single time she sends me a copy of her book, I love it. This one was no different.

This book brilliantly picks up right where we left off and we’re off to the races, only this time the entire infrastructure of the world is under attack and code Uprising is activated. The author wastes no time jumping into the story and yanking us in the world of Cordelia, Faustine and the crew. She has woven this world through all of her books that connect the worlds and characters, but each series (and, to some extent, book) can stand on it’s own feet.

What I really loved about this book was the power of the students/kids. The kids are coming into their own and they owned this book. There was less of the adults telling them what to do and more of the students owning their power and solving the world’s problems. I found myself cheering them on as they went about their journey and smiling at every victory.

The characters are, largely, supernatural, but I’m a believer that they exist because the more I read the more vivid and complex the characters become and the more real their world becomes. I so totally want to hang out with Arizona from Portal and I want to go shopping with the Bonfire girls. I really like that the author write strong female teenage lead characters. With all of the princess stories out there, it’s good to see strong kick-butt girls out there. It makes for books that I’m proud to share with my daughter. Yes, it’s make believe, but I want her to know that she can stand on her own two feet and she doesn’t need Prince Charming, nor his glass slipper. Maybe that’s a lot to take away from a silly YA book, but I really do believe we need more of this in YA literature – we’re getting there and Imogen is doing an amazing job leading that charge in the independent publishing world.

Now, about my kids… they also love these books. I’m lucky enough that the author always sends me a review copy (no matter, I buy them anyway) because my kids ask me about once per month if she has a new book out. It makes for great conversation, books that we both read, enjoy and can talk about. It opens the door for them to take my suggestions about which books we should read and vice versa.

The writing and editing are flawless. The storyline flows at a great pace and we can’t wait to see what Imogen does next.

Highly recommended for everyone. Really.

The global infrastructure that allows humans and supernaturals to coexist is under threat. A breakdown of this carefully maintained system erupts into worldwide chaos and could eventually lead to Armageddon.

Code Uprising is activated.

The power of the supernatural world shifts from the city councils to Bonfire Academy and the other elite paranormal preps. Now, the staff and students must follow the code, however deadly the ramifications, to return power to the city sovereigns in order to prevent an apocalypse.

Bonfire Chronicles reading order: Faustine, Initiation, Integration, Uprising.

Rating: ★★★★★

Book count for 2013: 42

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  1. Emilyann 21 November 2013 at 8:10 pm Permalink

    Awesome. Thank you for sharing. I added Uprising to my goodreads shelf. 🙂

  2. Christle 26 November 2013 at 7:38 pm Permalink

    I love Imogen’s books, too 🙂 I read Portal…I forget why…and fell totally in love with her writing. I already had the first four in the series in ebook form, as well as Faustine and Initiation, and an ARC I won of Integration, just bought Uprising and Fusion, as well as Integration, so now I have all of her books on my Kindle and my iPhone, and in my Kindle Cloud Reader 🙂 I’m never without them!

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