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The Rescue by Carolyn Reardon-Neuman

When I started this book, we had just adopted a 1-year-old mutt from the humane society and we were (and still are) in love with the little clown. So, obviously, I loved hearing about the author’s canine adoption and identified with some of the things you go through when you bring a previously (hopefully!) loved dog into your life. What I wasn’t expecting was to get so wrapped up in the story or fall in love with the author.

What an amazing woman. Really.

I read parts of this with a smile, parts with a few tears and other parts stomping my foot across the floor with anger. I commend the author for not only opening us up to her world, but also being honest about her feelings throughout her and her family’s journey through what is, easily, one of the hardest things for a family to navigate.

Yes, there’s laughs. The dog, Poe, gives a lot of comic relief, something the story needed. While Poe is one of the big stars, the other unfortunate star is the big “C”. Cancer. In some ways, this was a hard book for me. I’ve lost loved ones to cancer (haven’t we all?), but in other ways it was uplifting to hear the author letting go of so many of the stresses that we put on ourselves in our everyday lives. Life really is too short, ya know?

The writing was pretty good. There were several grammar and spelling errors. It could have used a bit of a good edit, but I don’t think it really distracted from the story too awful much. I do wish the end of the book had been rewritten a bit. It took a turn towards the sappy. I get it, she went through this really big thing. This THING. That has to change you. It has to make you more appreciative of things… but I think it might have just been overwritten to drive home that point.

Honestly? I would still recommend this book. Poe made my heart sing and the author made me want to invite her over for a cup of coffee and a hug.

Recommended for those that like memoirs, of course, but also dog lovers.

THE RESCUE is a memoir that chronicles, with a dose of humor, the experience of rescuing a dog who was close to death. This particular dog returned the favor and was pivotal in rescuing me, a year later, from the very same condition.

The story is based on Cape Cod, where I have lived for 22 years with my husband and daughter. We are a typical middle class family, balancing work and the rigors of raising a teenage daughter. I am a self employed graphic designer/copywriter working out of our home. It features our dog Poe, a Border Collie/Sheltie mix. We rescued Poe from a shelter, where we found him sick, starving and terrified. In an effort to bring Poe back to life through regular walking, jogging and exercise, I met many wonderful dogs and “dog people”. These new people brought into our lives by Poe would figure prominently in our lives after I received a breast cancer diagnosis at age 45. Through the diagnosis, subsequent treatment and eventual recovery, my love for Poe and the kindness of the “dog people” helped rescue me. Poe and I are now both healthy, happy, and grateful for each other.

This is not a cancer book, although cancer is a major topic. This is not strictly a dog book either, though dogs are at its heart. This is a book about appreciating the little things that bring you joy, finding humor in whatever life throws at you and finding ways to cope through difficult trials. I hope it is a humorous account of coping with life and the “booby prize” of breast cancer.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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