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Stage 6 by Dylan James

Here’s a confession for you – I love zombie novels. I love post apocalyptic. Okay, not really a confession, most people know by now that I love a good flesh eating fun. This book did not disappoint my love of the end-of-the-world. This time, the end of the world takes place in my very own backyard – Austin, TX! It was kind of neat to hear the author talk about the end of the world here in my own little city. Ah, Camp Mabry!

I’ve read good zombie books and bad zombie books – some REALLY bad ones. This one was excellent. The characters were interesting and woven into the story, there was enough information to learn about them and enough left out that a sequel could easily develop them further as they continue on.

The writing was well done. There were no dead (oof, excuse the pun) spots. The story kept moving forward at a good pace and there weren’t times that I could have put it down and moved on to another book without wanting to know what happened next.

The book has a mood to it. It all seems to take place at a “dusk” like feeling. Almost hazy or smoky. I wish I knew how to fully explain, but it was definitely a tone that added to the book. It also had some quirky lighthearted moments thrown in (dude, it’s a zombie book).

I really enjoyed this, obviously and recommend it for all zombie fans.

There is no time to think, no time to plan. There is only time to act as it slowly approaches you, sniffing, scanning, and hunting. It knows you’re there and it’s only a matter of time before it finds you and begins to feast.

Confronted with a shocking and horrific new world in which a contagious virus is suddenly transforming people into vicious predators, 17 year old Jack fights to lead his friends and family to safety. After narrowly escaping the city, Jack travels the apocalyptic USA in search of a safe haven. Along the way, he meets other survivors, including Kevin, a pessimistic lawyer with a phobia of “zombies”, and Steve, a former Navy Seal. Surprised at the terrible things he finds himself willing to do to survive, Jack struggles with his sense of morality. Constantly thrust into deadly situations, he makes quick decisions that determine the fate of others around him. Ultimately, Jack and the other survivors must ask themselves: is it possible to rebuild after such a widespread catastrophe? If it is possible, is it really worth it?

At 200 pages long, Stage 6 is a thrilling adventure that explores what a modern “zombie apocalypse” might look like if it happened tomorrow.

Rating: ★★★★★

Book count for 2013: 40

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