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ADHD and Food: Simple Diet Changes to Naturally Impact ADHD Symptoms by Gina Rau

I am conflicted on how to review this book because I think it’s a great introduction, but it was kind of light on information and citations. Having said that, I’m a big believer in the fact that food affects ADHD. As the parent of a teenager with ADHD-Innattentive disorder, it’s wildly true that when my kid has certain foods – mainly food dyes, and specifically Red Dye 40 – his ADHD is off the charts. What’s interesting is that HE doesn’t like the feeling so HE avoids food dyes.

So, if you have a kid with focus and organization issues, this book is probably a good first step. It walks you through the author’s steps of a food challenge to see what food sensitivity may be causing the flare of of ADHD symptoms. However, you will want to not rely on this booklet alone. You’ll want to seek out additional information and talk to your child’s doctor. There’s a LOT more to ADHD and food sensitivities than was presented here. I am also not sure I would jump into food challenges right away. I think I’d spend more time observing.

Having said that, I didn’t like that the author seemed to be very anti-medication. BUT I was just like that for a long time. I really didn’t want to treat my son with ADHD medications. However, for him, his medication is a must. The food dyes are only part of our story of ADHD. I think it’s important to walk into this book with your eyes open. For some people, eliminating certain foods will be enough, but for others of us, we have to look to other treatments.

I will say that the author did a great job with the writing. It’s very concise and well written. I like that she wove in her story with the facts. I also REALLY liked that she gave recipe ideas. I spent a good deal of time reading labels when we linked his sensitivity to Red 40 and doing our own food challenges, so for someone just starting down this path, it’s a great resource. I think we’ll be giving those mexi bowls a try in this house!

Recommended as just one resource for those with ADHD kids.

When our children struggle, it pulls at our heart and brings tears to our eyes. Years ago, we watched our son struggle with his energy level, focus and attention, while something in our gut told us that it was not simply ADHD but that we needed to help and support him.

This guidebook will help you identify if your child is struggling with hidden food sensitivities. In addition to our own story through this adventure, everything you need is included:
* Simple directions to make a food challenge for your child easy for everyone
* Recommended three-week meal plan specifically for children – breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner are planned for you!
* 20+ kid-friendly and tested recipes for all of the meals included in this plan (favorites like macaroni and cheese are in there too!)
* Lots of recommendations your kids will love for alternatives to the foods you won’t be having during the food challenge
* Tips, tricks and secrets for a successful food challenge
* Fun, easy ideas for school lunches.

We noticed him squirm in his chair all day, jump instead of standing still, rock in his seat while watching TV or eating, and never appear to feel comfortable in his own body. With a wide range of symptoms, children often get labeled with ADHD when there might be something else going on. Sometimes, underlining issues like hidden food sensitivities, are present and can be resolved without medication.

Our pursuit of answers with a phenomenal local pediatric naturopath led us to a food challenge to determine whether food intolerances or sensitivities could be triggering behaviors that looked like ADHD. A food challenge is sometimes called an elimination diet because you eliminate certain foods and ingredients for three weeks, then slowly reintroduce them to determine any potential culprits.

Initially we felt overwhelmed with the idea because there were no plans, resources or recipes to follow. We were out on our own. After hours of research and adjusting recipes, we found meal ideas to make it through a few weeks. It was an experience that I knew could be better.

Since we’ve been able to successfully help our child, he’s now thriving in school, sports and life, and many parents asked us to share the same guidance and program with them so they can determine if their child has hidden food sensitivities. This led us to pull all of our research, resources and best advice together in this guidebook so that every family has an opportunity to help their child.

If we had the opportunity years ago to buy a guidebook like this to help our child, instead of spending the hours of researching and money with multiple doctors and tests that offered few answers, we would have jumped at this. Now we want to help other families too!

Wondering what kind of food you’ll eat? Some of the recipes include Macaroni and Cheese, Silly Dogs, Dinosaur Chips, Crazy Cake and Berry-Licious Yogurt Pops.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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