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XO 7-inch Kids Tablet XO-780

My husband is a teacher and this looked like the perfect tablet to have in a classroom. He really likes tapping into the kids personal vision for their future, so the “Dreams” selections seemed perfect. However, he soon realized that while good, this tablet was far from perfect for the classroom. Here is what he had to say:

About the case:

The good: Rugged and easy to see. You can’t miss the kid with the bright green tablet in his hands.
The bad: It comes off easily. The very first kid took the case off before he even got back to his chair.

About the apps:

The good: A very diverse range of apps for different age levels. They are even somewhat divided into the “dream” profession categories.
The bad: It is not easy to tell which ones are appropriate for different age levels. Too many freeware apps.

About the software:

The good: I love the ability to lock everything down. The kids can only get to what I want them to be able to use. No internet.
The bad: Only 3 kid profiles? For a tablet that labels itself “educational” 3 profiles is not classroom friendly at all.

About the hardware:

The good: The battery hasn’t died yet. I unplug it in the morning, plug it in before I leave. Of course, it isn’t being used all that time either.
The bad: Don’t expect this tablet to play any of the latest 3D games. The screen looks a little “blurry” but it is hard to say why.

Overall: 3 stars. Buy this tablet for the low price, rugged case, and kid safe interface. Then put on your own specific apps for your children.

Full Android Tablet
The XO Tablet features a high-resolution screen, dual-core processor, and the latest Android operating system.

Parental Controls
Parental dashboards track usage and learning styles, allowing parents to better understand their child’s development.

Educational Curriculum
Lessons draw from the top names in education, including Oxford University and Discovery Communication.

All content is available in both English and Spanish. With one tap, users can easily switch between languages.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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