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Uncle Milton Mars in My Room Collectibles

The Uncle Milton Mars in My Room looks really cool. Who wouldn’t want a light up Mars on their wall or better yet, ceiling? The image they used to craft the model is very detailed and you can easily imagine this is the view you would see as an explorer approaching Mars from space.

Unfortunately, one can only look at it with that initial sense of wonder once. As you get closer, the detail isn’t as great as it looks from a distance. The actual image on the model itself is much darker than it appears in the image on the website. After that, we found ourselves wondering what more there was to this toy. While it is cool to see where the different probes landed on the planet, it would be nice if there was more information. Where did they go from there?

Overall: 3 stars. This is a cool model that could be cooler. I’m not sure I would call it a toy at all.

Journey to the Mysterious Red Planet of Mars

Watch the mysterious red planet light up and come to life on your wall. See authentic Mars detail and pinpoints of light that show where Mars Rovers have landed. Then, place different Lander/Rover stickers to mark their landing locations. Mars In My Room mounts quickly and easily to the wall of your child’s bedroom. It also comes with Mission cards that include fun information about different Mars Rover and Lander explorations that will spur the imagination of any astronaut in the making. Use the included remote control to easily turn Mars on and off from anywhere in your room.

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 Light-up Mars In My Room
  • 1 Remote control to activate light-up function
  • 4 Educational cards and stickers featuring different Mars Rovers/Landers missions
  • Instruction manual with easy-to-follow set-up

Bring Your Room To Life With More In My Room Products

Mars In My Room is part of a full line of In My Room branded products from Uncle Milton that bring your room to life. With all of the amazing, light-up In My Room products, you can make your child’s room a magical place.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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