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Ravensburger Science X Nature’s Energy Activity Kit

My daughter loves science. We were looking for some enrichment activities to keep her interest going (the beginning of year review really got her bored at school).

She really took to this kit. The only thing about it was she kept asking for things we didn’t have. We buy milk in a jug (requires a carton), I am allergic to apples (need 2), and we just used the last of the tin foil after dinner last night (doh!). We were able to get the items together, but while the kit has a list of what is inside prominently displayed, there is only a small note about the need for “extra household items” on the back. You might need to ask your neighbors, but you should be able to get it all together in no time.

I think the Since X Nature’s Energy kit is well worth the $25 price tag. However, it would be nice if it fell into that $20 limit birthday gift category.

Overall: 4 stars. Well put together collection of experiments a kid can do on their own. Just give parents a little more warning about “items not included.”

How do we get energy from water? How can we use the power of wind? How is sunlight turned into heat? Delve into the world of creating cleaner energy through natural resources and become a renewable energy engineer with these intriguing activities for little scientists ages 10 and up. Let your kid discover the world – with Science X® from Ravensburger!

Discover Nature’s Energy!
With 25 different activities to faciliate learning about the origins of wind power, solar energy and more, this science kit puts the whole world into the hands of kids to explore. Young scientist can discover the power of water, create a homemade water cycle, understand how water cycles run in nature and how we use the power of water to gain energy. Wind plants supply many households with energy these days. Kids can explore wind power through different projects and create a sail-car, wind wheel or windmill. Various activities explain how sun power is being used to produce heat, to tell the time through sundials or to extract salt from water. Science X® Nature’s Energy provides interesting and scientific facts about the power of nature and helps kids understand the fascinating world of environmental energies and how they’re being used in our daily life!

It’s Fun to be a Scientist!
Science X® kits from Ravensburger help children ages 8 and up understand everyday phenomena by letting them test things out scientifically on their own, and are accompanied by explanations and lots of interesting facts. Science X® Nature’s Energy includes 25 exciting activities with success guarantee, designed by experts and tested by kids! These activities focus on answering children’s questions about nature and technology. With the help of Science X®, young discoverers learn how to tackle the mysteries of everyday life and beyond. Fascinating background information makes learning fun and easy-to-use materials with richly illustrated manuals encourage kids to become active scientific explorers!

Explore Nature’s Energies with 25 Amazing Activities
Water: Create a water cycle, discover the power of water, build a water wheel and water turbine. Wind: Build a cup anemometer to measure wind, build a sail-car, discover the power of centrifugal forces, create a floating wing, wind wheel, windmill and Savonius Rotor. Sun: Learn how to use a solar disc to analyze sunlight, build a sundial, create a finger heater, build your own frying funnel to fry marshmallows, learn about the greenhouse effect, build a sun power plant, produce biogas, analyze plant lightning, produce oil and understand how a sun-mill works.

What’s In The Box?
1 Car Chassis Panel, 1 Frying Funnel, 1 Water Wheel, 1 Solar Disc, 1 Water Cycle Model, 1 Plant Marker, 1 Sundial, 1 Finger Heater, 11 Straws, 1 Rubber Band, 2 Brass Fasteners, 1 Hand-Heated Wind Wheel, 5 Bendable Straws, 1 Paper Windmill, 5 Wooden Sticks, 1 Piece of Chalk, 1 Paper Filter, 1 Glass Marble, 4 Plastic Containers, 1 Paper Wing, 3 Beads, 3 Packets of String, Detailed Instruction Manual

Rating: ★★★★☆

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