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OmniMount OMH TV Mount for 32-Inch to 60-Inch TVs – Silver

My daughter saved up her allowance, did some odd jobs, and with her birthday money was able to get a TV for her room. She has always had a little 19″ CRT, but her room tends to be where all the neighborhood kids hang out to watch movies. So she went big! Only problem was: where to put it?

The wall was the only place it could go. The OmniMount OMH made wall mounting her TV super easy.

Step 1: Unpack. The box has all the hardware you need to install the mount. No extra run to the hardware store!
Step 2: Mount the hanger. Easy. The unit went flush to the wall. I love the cords to latch and unlatch the TV.
Step 3: Mount TV on the “handle bars”. You slide some clips around. They provide every size of screw imaginable. BAM! TV attached.
Step 4: TV on wall. Seriously, that easy.

The only complaint I have is that the plastic face plate for the metal wall mount was extremely difficult to take off. I didn’t want to take a screwdriver to it and scratch it, but I almost lost a finger nail getting to the mounting holes.

Overall: 4 stars. Super easy mounting system. Just don’t make me hurt myself to do what should have been a simple step.

Don’t just mount your TV, hang it on a sleek mount that complements your TVs form and function. The simple, sleek design looks great and installs in under 10 minutes.

– Designed to install in under 10 minutes
– Sleek look complements modern TVs
– Low profile for floating effect
– Foam wedge holds TV away from wall for one-person wiring
– Locking mechanism prevents accidental TV removal and only requires only two mounting holes

Rating: ★★★★☆

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