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Gund Sesame Street Peek A Boo Elmo Animated 15″ Plush

I’ve been the proud buyer of several Elmo dolls over the years. For myself, for my own children, and for the children of friends and family. Some Elmos have been purely for the cuteness, some for the interactivity. So we bought just for the giggles. I would not buy this Elmo for any of those.

First off: this is a one trick pony. While Elmo does talk, it only does 4 phrases. The action is limited to playing “peekaboo”

Second: This Elmo just doesn’t look right. The way he sits and the strange “fur” just make for an odd looking Elmo. While definitely recognizable, he just seems different from the others in our house.

Third: Elmo…with a blanket…that you can’t hug? Well, you can, but you know right away that you are hugging a motorized toy. We have other battery operated dolls that are much more comfortable to snuggle with. They definitely could have done better.

Overall: 2 stars. Mostly due to limited appeal and a “just not quite right” look and feel. But I do agree with others that it is really cute.

Elmo recites 13 fun phrases as his arms and blanket move up and down. Includes 3 replaceable AA batteries. On/off switch on foot. Comes tacked to backer card. Gund has been creating unique teddy bears and other soft toys for well over 100 years. Recognized the world over for their quality and innovation, Gund’s award-winning products appeal to all ages, from infants up and are perfect for both play and collecting.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

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