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[180 days warranty]ZeroLemon 2x Samsung Galaxy SIII 2300mAh Slim Battery + Free Battery Charger with USB charge port (Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S III GT-i9300, AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung i747, Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung i535, T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung T999, U.S. Cellular Samsung Galaxy S3 R530, and Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung L710) **WORLD’S LARGEST CAPACITY ORIGINAL SIZE BATTERY** (ZL-GS3-2x-2300)

The ZeroLemon replacement battery for my Samsung Galaxy SIII worked great! I attend a lot of conferences, and my phone is the lifeline that makes sure my business continues running smoothly. In the past I have carried 2 separate “brick” type portable chargers wherever I go. But the 2 ZeroLemon batteries came with their own charger. So now I charge one in the phone and the other with the included charger and I am ready to go.

Now during conferences I do not spend time making sure I am sitting near a wall plug. There is definitely something to say about the peace of mind that comes from knowing you will be available to your employees, clients, and family should an emergency come up.

Overall: 4 stars. Does what it claims, the included charger is great!


Highest capacity Galaxy S3 slim battery in the market @ 2300mAh capacity- 100mAh more than original capacity

Fastest Galaxy S3 battery charger in the market with USB output for your phone cable

180 days warranty with our 100% Zero Lemon (Defect) Promise

Whether you are on the road or on the plane, you will always need more power for your phone. ZeroLemon brings the highest capacity Galaxy SIII 2200mAh slim batteries while keeping your slim phone profile. You can use all your original cases and not worry of any extended sizes anymore.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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