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Slim Jim Snack Sticks

I used to be a huge Slim Jim fan. Ok, that is meant both literally and figuratively. I have lost 225 lbs since those days! But back then a Slim Jim was a part of my daily routine.

Fast forward 10 years. I hadn’t eaten a Slim Jim in forever, my poor kids didn’t even know what they were! I couldn’t let that last.

So we got the pack of 25 Giant Smoked Snacks.

I think my son puts it best: “It is a bacony, beefy, smoky stick of yumminess!”

I would tend to agree, but for me they are now too greasy. My son, of course, doesn’t mind the grease,”It’s like a beefy stick of bacon! Who cares if it is greasy?”

So Slim Jim products are now back in our lives. But they will be a rare snack food, not a daily “must have”. Everything in moderation.

Overall: 3 stars. Beefy bacon goodness, if only we could get rid of the grease.

Slim Jim is the No. 1 brand of meat sticks and is available in a variety of flavors of meat sticks, beef jerky, beef steak, and beef and cheese. Snap into a Slim Jim!

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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