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Chef Michael’s Oven Roasted Chicken Dry Dog Food 4.5 Pound Bag

We’ve been feeding this dog food to our schnauzer/wiener dog mix over the past couple of weeks. I must admit that when I first poured it into his bowl, I was kind of impressed. It looks like actual food. You can see chunks of meat and veggies. So, in the owner-visual aspect, it’s highly impressive (at least in my opinion).

The dog, himself, doesn’t have many complaints. He eats around the veggies, choosing to eat the chunks of meat first. He then eats the veggies. I’m not sure if he’s saving the best for last or if he’s going for the meat first. I suspect the latter 😉

There are some fillers in here and some artificial flavors that I’m not all that fond of. We don’t use super high end food for him, but we do try to watch that kind of thing.

Would I recommend it? I’m not sure. He seems to be enjoying it, it doesn’t appear to be hurting him (although he does seem to be a little more thirsty these days, but it’s hot and he spends a good deal of time outside chasing squirrels out of the yard). I’m undecided if I’d buy it again. We’ll see what happens when we switch him back to his regular food as to how he reacts.

Purina Chef Michael’s Canine Creations Rotisserie Chicken Adult Dog FoodPurina(R) Chef Michael’s(TM) Canine Creations Rotisserie Chicken Dog Food is a chef inspired, dog desired meal. Whenever Chef Michael cooked at home, Bailey would dance in anticipation at his feet, her tail madly wagging. So Chef Michael decided to create a line of hearty meals inspired by Bailey’s favorite flavors, starting with the real meat dogs really want. Now, Chef Michael’s(TM) Canine Creations let you cater to your dog’s own desire every day. A delightful crunchy blend of rotisserie chicken garnished with peas and carrots. The aroma of rotisserie chicken brings dogs running in anticipation. Your dog will lose herself in the tenderness and mealtime pleasure, savoring the robust flavor that satisfies even the most hearty appetite. Finally you can give your dog the mouthwatering goodness of a prime buffet but in a healthy way.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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