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Leaving Eva by Jennifer Sivec

Man. Oh, Man. This was a tough book to read at times. It touches on some pretty heavy topics like drugs and domestic abuse. The writer’s style is simply amazing in that she drags into the lives of these characters and holds you there, demanding that you care about them.

… and care, you do. Deeply.

The intertwining story lines are so amazing that I can’t believe that I’m still giving this book 4-stars. Why? Well, there were a few problems that I’m overlooking with this rating simply because the story was so very well done.

You get lost sometimes. The author will be talking about a set of characters and circumstances in one chapter and switch to something different in another. You’re left trying to figure out where they all connect and it caused me to get the names mixed up sometimes. It eventually works itself out, but it’s a bit distracting for the reader.

The biggest “sin” of this book though… the editing. This book deserves an editor and it’s painfully obvious that it did not get that. Some major grammatical errors and spelling issues as well as using the wrong word.

However, I simply cannot give this book less than 4 stars because of the story. I really really want to take off more because of the editing, but I simply can’t. I can overlook it.

Read this book. Just do it.

Recommended for chick-lit fans, I think. It’s hard to choose a die-hard audience for this, but it’s really really good.

If you’ve ever been abandoned. If you’ve ever been abused, hurt or left behind. If you’ve ever been deeply loved, then Leaving Eva is just for you.

Abandoned as a child, Brynn is adopted into a violent and tumultuous world under the deceptive guise of a Mother’s love. She accidentally discovers a secret way to survive which helps to disguise the brokeness within. Early and often Brynn is left to fend for herself, as those who are supposed to love and protect her most, fail.

In High School, Brynn unexpectedly falls for sweet, handsome Adam. He tries to teach her that she can have hope and happiness, if she only will embrace it. As an adult, it appears as though Brynn has her life together. No one except for Adam really knows her secret pain and history has an unkind way of repeating itself.

Suddenly she is faced with destroying her greatest love, and the need to confront her own fear before it swallows her completely. In the end, Brynn discovers a truth about herself that changes everything, and gives her the freedom to accept the beautiful possibilities of what life can be.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Book count for 2013: 21

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