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Aviator Sunglasses by Newport Blvd

The vendor sent me a pair of these sunglasses to try out and review if I so chose to do so… I was dubious. Okay… I’m going to be honest. I’m a sunglasses snob. Yes. I said it. I like the $200 sunglasses that my husband scowls at me when he sees the credit card bill come in. These, obviously, aren’t $200 sunglasses.

BUT… I am not going to review them against a pair of expensive sunglasses either. That’s not really fair. For what you get, these are an excellent value. I’ve worn them off and on for the past month and they’ve held up well. I have two kids and a couple of crazy dogs, so I’m constantly tripping over a canine, a kid or some random toys or stuffed animals. It’s not unusual for my sunglasses to go flying. I also am known to toss them on the dashboard or in the seat or floor or wherever when I’m driving.

AND… these stood up to the test very well. The construction isn’t fantastic, but I haven’t managed to break them yet. They do show a little bit of wear and tear, are a little looser in the “connection ear thingies” (that’s the technical term).

Overall, these are great. I expect they would last me, who is really hard on them, a good six months. They’d last someone that treats everything with kid gloves a good couple of years.

Highly recommended for those that like decent sunglasses, but not the $200 price tag.

The Classic Aviator. Our Aviator Sunglasses are available with a revo lens or the mirror lens. A real classic that has held it’s tradition for many years. With its ideal shape and full mirror finish, it is no surprise why it is in such high demand. Made with spring loaded hinges, English style nose pieces and full mirror polycarbonate UV protected lenses.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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