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Swingline GBC Fusion 1000L 9-Inch Laminator, 5 Minute Warm-Up (1703072)

We’ve been using a “cold fuse” type of laminator for a few years. It was ok, but you had to be really careful that you placed the document to be laminated on it just right or both the document and the laminating sheet would be ruined. For those unfamiliar with “cold fuse”, it is basically a big piece of clear tape that you put on both sides of the document.

We got tired of that last week after spending an hour just trying to laminate a few signs for the garbage and recycling cans. Luckily, we got the chance to try out the Fusion 1000L!

We had gone the cold fuse route in the past because laminators my husband and I had experience with took too long to warm-up. Also, we’d both burned ourselves more than once.

The Swingline GBC Fusion 1000L states that it has a 5 minute warm-up time. We timed it and it was just 3 minutes on the dot and it was ready to go! While the unit felt warm to the touch (nice on a winters day!) no external part was hot enough to cause even mild discomfort. It will definitely not burn you if you are using it correctly!

Did I mention how long it takes to line things up right with some laminators? It was really easy with the 1000L: put your document into the pouch. Make sure it is up against the closed end and not hanging out either side. Easy, simple, and ready to go!

The slowest part of the whole process was feeding the document into the laminator. The unit says it will do 10 sheets per minute. It took right at 5 seconds for the signs to feed in and out the other side.

Ok, actually, the hardest part was getting the extra laminating pouch I accidently got out back into the box, but I think that is more of a 4 stars for me than a dig on the 1000L.

Overall: great product that I will use over and over!

Affordable Performance & Superior Simplicity

The compact and stylish Fusion 1000L thermal pouch laminating machine offers simple, one step lamination. To start laminating, all you need to do is turn the laminator on and watch for the indicator light to turn green. With a short 5 minute warm-up time, this laminator is both fast and easy. The 1000L is a simple solution that meets basic laminating needs. It operates at a laminating speed of 13″ per minute to laminate documents, photos, craft projects and more. Perfect for home and small office use, the 1000L is available in two sizes to laminate documents up to 9″ wide or 12″ wide depending on the model. Both models can be used with 3 mil thermal laminating pouches to provide quality protection for all your items. A 5 mil pouch can also be used when laminating an item up to 4″ x 6″ in size. Preserve and display important items using the Fusion 1000L Laminator and Fusion EZUse pouches.

The Fusion 1000L Laminator offers easy one step lamination. Turn it on and start laminating in as little as 5 minutes. Offers a laminating speed of 13″ per minute, and is available in a 9″ or 12″ size. Best for occasional use, the 1000L is compatible with 3 mil pouches or 5 mil pouches for small items.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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