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Pieces of Me By Eisley Jacobs

When I read the description for this book, I immediately thought of the movie “Memento”. It has that same sort of vibe and it sounded like it would be a fun ride. Amnesia, nefarious doings afoot and a strong lead character made me want to read it right away. I’m SO glad that I did.

The premise, while it has been done with varying success with other books and movies, this one was so well executed that you were pulled hurdling down the journey that the author laid out for you. It has a few wild twists and turns and a few that you can see coming, but feel powerless to help.

The writing, the editing, the pacing… all exquisite. Not a single word was wasted, not a single scene was overly detailed. It was just completely spot-on. I cannot say enough about Jacob’s ability as an author. It screams professional and you’ll be left double-checking that this is a self-published book. She IS what self-publishing in the Young Adult genre should be.

I was telling my kids (boy 12 and girl 10) about it and they both were interested. Both loved the book and want to read more by this author, hopefully with the same main character groups. I think they really got attached to the characters, which I totally did too.

Highly recommended for adults and young adults alike. A great read for you and your pre-teens to enjoy together.

Forget everything you know. Forget your name. Forget any memory of your parents. Forget your own face in the mirror. Then, and only then, can you understand my world.

My name is Braidan, and I’m seventeen years old. I wake every day with no memory of what happened yesterday. No recollection of who I am. Only a series of sticky notes hint at the life I supposedly lead. But no matter how hard I try, I can’t dismiss the thought that this isn’t my life or my true identity. Notes plastered all over my room and school books tell me to search for answers. But how can I learn the truth when I’ll forget everything the moment my mind drifts to sleep?

Ian, the new boy at school, claims he has the key to my walking coma. If what he says is true, I’m far more than just a girl with amnesia… and I’ve got precious little time to unlock my past.

Pieces of Me depend on it.

Rating: ★★★★★

Book count for 2013: 19

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