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Art Academy by Nintendo

I am an adult and I like video games! There, I said it. I feel better. But, in truth this is not really a video game. Art Academy for the Nintendo DS is more of a learning title.

But then, I’ve always wanted to learn to draw and paint. Art Academy teaches you a lot of the basics, and even some of the not so basics of creating your own art. You unlock new “abilities” by finishing each lesson. So, in a way, you progress much like an art student. Other graphics programs throw all the tools at you at once, Art Academy doesn’t give them to you until you need them and are ready for them.

Why do I play video games? To relax and to get away from the worries of life. I have heard that some of the great artists used painting to do the exact same thing. Nintendo DS Art Academy puts both together and makes it easy to escape for a while and create.

Draw, Paint, Create Step-by-step lessons for everyone! Learn to create art on the DS. Art Academy is a fun, interactive training program that teaches real-world painting and drawing techniques, much as you would learn in an art class. Lessons take you from basic sketching techniques with pencils to painting with brushes, color mixing and water dilution—all with a realistic feel and producing realistic results that can be applied to real-life materials outside of the Nintendo DS environment. Simple, easy-to-understand instruction. An in-game tutor walks you through each lesson step-by-step, giving examples, providing demonstrations, and offering helpful tips. Each Lesson gradually builds off the previous one, and allowing players to advance at their own pace. Art on the Go! Inspiration can appear anywhere –in the park, at a bus stop, even on an airplane. With Art Academy software’s free paint mode, your personal art studio is no farther than your pocket, ready to assist in creating your latest masterpiece.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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