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Sage 50 Complete Accounting 2013 (Sage Peachtree) US Edition

I own a bookkeeping firm and we primarily use QuickBooks with our clients. I’ve not evaluated Peachtree in several years, but when the opportunity came up to review it, I thought “why not?” and decided to give it a look-see because while I like Quickbooks, there are several issues that we have with it.

Lesson learned: The grass is not always greener on the other side.

When installing it, I ran into problems. Twice it stopped after nearly being done and told me there wasn’t enough room on my hard drive. Um, yes. There was. I called my tech guy over and he looked at it. It gave him the same error, but he confirmed I had plenty of space. The 4th time we tried to install it, it worked fine. *shrug*

Once we got it installed, it’s actually very clean looking. I like the overall interface. Honestly? My biggest hurdle is the pricing. It’s more expensive than Quickbooks – especially if you want to run payroll. I also really don’t like that everything opens in a new window on your task bar. I just find it distracting and too much. I couldn’t find a way to make it open in your current window.

It HAS changed a lot and it’s much more user-friendly than their older version. I don’t feel like you would HAVE to be an accounting professional to use it and understand it.

I dunno. I will likely mess around with it some more, but I doubt we’ll be offering it to clients just yet.

I’m not sure I’d recommend this quite yet. It is more pricey than other options out there, for sure. I’d recommend an upgrade for folks that do use Peachtree/Sage already though!

Get organized and become more productive with Sage 50 Complete Accounting 2013. Robust core accounting and customizable business management features save you time and money.

  • Manage cash flow, customer payments, and collections
  • Gain insight with custom reporting for budgeting, cash flow management, and benchmarking
  • Get a high-level view of your key metrics on a single screen
  • Track inventory, plan purchases, or expand service offerings
  • Manage jobs and projects
  • Get relevant advice when and where you need it
  • Reduce errors and deter fraud with screen-level security and a clear audit trail

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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