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This Moment by Judith Natelli McLaughlin

When the author sent this book to me a couple of months ago, it didn’t immediately grab my attention, but the description kept coming back to me so I gave up and just read the darn thing since it apparently wanted to be read so badly 🙂

At it’s heart, this book is a love story. What makes it such an interesting and different read is that it’s a female author, but it’s told from the point of view from a man. It’s rare we get a look inside the man’s mind and heart during a love story and I really was drawn to his character and his obvious, unabashed love and commitment to his wife.

The author MAKES us care about these characters and their lives and their love story. But she also rips our heart out a few times. Perhaps that’s what makes this book so good… you feel it. I was giggling right along with them, celebrating with them and crying my eyes out (and hugging my own loved ones perhaps an extra time or two).

I will say that the book doesn’t really take off until you’re about 40% into it. The first part is a little too drawn out and could have been a little less “choppy” feeling (for lack of a better term there). Some parts, the writing felt forced. HOWEVER, the other 60% flows off of the page and is just exquisitely written.

I can’t say I liked the ending, but I liked it’s realism. It felt real. It felt… something. It is the ending the book needed. Me “liking” it is secondary to the story and where the story ended up.

Highly recommended for anyone that wants a nice sweet love story, but can handle the realities of life’s curve balls.

A captivating love story about a normal love affair in an abnormal world. This Moment strings together the ordinary and extraordinary moments in the lives of Ryan McGuire and Lydia Errico, moving the couple from dating to marriage to family, leaving us forever filled with equal parts inspiration and devastation…Ryan McGuire spends nearly his entire life on the up-end of a lucky streak, a concept he is okay with, until he meets Lydia Errico and is intrigued by her passion, candor and sexy ankles. Lydia challenges Ryan, for the first time in his life, to question the value of luck. While not sold on the concept, Ryan is sold on Lydia. Along with their respective families and oldest friends, Lydia and Ryan navigate the ups and downs of life providing us with a glimpse into a love so deep, so strong, it has the power to sustain unimaginable heartbreak. While the book ultimately ends, Ryan and Lydia and their unique love will linger in our souls forever.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Book count for 2013: 12

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