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Nesco TM-1 Teamaker, 1-Liter

My family drinks tea now and then. We used to drink it more, but from other automated tea makers it always came out bitter. I have always drank the most tea, so I decided to give this small pot a shot. I’m glad I did!

The tea maker has 3 main parts: the reservoir, the steeping chamber, and the serving pot.

The reservoir has a level indicator on the side to let you know just how much water you are putting in. It holds 1 liter. Put in more, and your looking at a mess once the water heats up.

The steeping chamber comes apart into 3 pieces for very easy cleaning! Tea bag or leaves can be placed in the center section and easily removed.

The serving pot…is…well, a serving pot. It is also marked so you can see how much tea is in it, or water you are about to put into the reservoir.

The main thing I love about this is that 1 liter is exactly what it takes to fill my sports bottle. I make a fresh pot of tea, fill up my bottle and head to work!

The Nesco Real Tea Maker is a must have for any tea lover. It’s perfect for making tea without the risk of over-steeping. The Real-Tea Tea Maker does it all – heats water, steeps leaves, and keeps tea warm so you can enjoy your tea and not worry about it cooling off. Its ability to brew loose or bagged tea, in addition to its variable steeping times, opens a whole world of possibilities. Water filters through the one liter heating chamber at perfect tea temperature (not too hot for white or green teas), steeps for the time selected and automatically flows into the glass pot below.


  • 1 Liter Water Tank
  • Selection of Steeping Times (2 min. – 16 min.)
  • Automatic keep warm feature – 1 hour
  • Glass tea carafe
  • Stainless Steel steeping chamber
  • Easy controls: set minutes and press the lighted start button
  • Uses loose or bagged teas
  • Auto Protection: will not work if carafe not in place
  • Anti Drip Function and Water Scale Filter
  • Detailed Highlights:

    Adjustable Steeping Times: Accurately control the strength of the tea.
    Stainless Steel Steeping Chamber: High quality allows perfect steeping. Holds loose leaf tea without seepage of leaves.
    Compatible With All Types of Tea: Loose leaf, tea bags or custom tea blends will all work with this tea maker.
    Indicator Light: Alerts user that unit is operating.
    Warming Feature: Keeps coffee/tea warm for 1 hr after brewing for a fresh cup every time.
    Cleaning: Hand wash in warm, soapy water.

    A walk through the various components of the Tea Maker:

  • On top is the boiler, where the water heats for the tea.
  • Under that is where you put the tea leaves, and is the first stage that the hot water drops into, in order for the tea to infuse into the water and steep.
  • Under that is the carafe, where the infused tea drops into, and which you use to pour yourself a perfect cup.
  • Below the teapot is a heating plate which keeps the remaining tea warm while you are sipping your previous cup. (This part is very similar to a coffee maker).
  • This tea maker has settings on the side for steeping times that will work starting from 2 minutes up to as long as 16 minutes.

    Most teas are brewed for 4-6 minutes. The longer you brew the more bitter the taste can become (depending on which tea variety/blend you’re using).

    The really nice thing about this tea maker is that it’s all automatic, so you can just leave it to do its work brewing, and come back to it when you’re ready.

    NOTE: This is the only tea maker currently on the market that works at high altitudes.

    Rating: ★★★★★

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