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Lowcountry Boil (Liz Talbot Mystery) by Susan M. Boyer

What a fun ride this book was! The author sent this book to me asking for a review and I grabbed it up because it was set in the low country of SC, where I grew up. I spent a little time wracking my brain because it’s been *mumble* years since I’ve lived in the area, but I’m 99% sure that Stella Maris is fictional. *laughing* Although the areas in Charleston and certain parts of the island rang true for a few areas I remember. I brought me back a little, although I wish there was a little more of the area in the writing.

So, if you took Stephanie Plum and, bless her heart, fed her shrimp and grits and some biscuits and gravy… you’d get Liz Talbot. She’s funny, sassy, a bit of a mess and makes me forget all the other crud I’m supposed to be dealing with for a few hours. The author does a great job of developing her characters with this (I hope!) first installment of a series.

Now, the bad… there’s a lot of characters and I got confused a few times and had to go back to figure out who was who. I think they were just introduced a little too quickly, yet the story slightly dragged a little in the middle. I think the author was trying to make sure we understood her characters and who they were and what they were doing, but it just got a little dragged out.

Having said all of that… this a really great little southern fiction cozy mystery novel. Recommended for those looking for something easy to read and a lot of fun.

Private Investigator Liz Talbot is a modern Southern belle: she blesses hearts and takes names. She carries her Sig 9 in her Kate Spade handbag, and her golden retriever, Rhett, rides shotgun in her hybrid Escape. When her grandmother is murdered, Liz high-tails it back to her South Carolina island home to find the killer.

She’s fit to be tied when her police-chief brother shuts her out of the investigation, so she opens her own. Then her long-dead best friend pops in and things really get complicated. When more folks start turning up dead in this small seaside town, Liz must use more than just her wits and charm to keep her family safe, chase down clues from the hereafter, and catch a psychopath before he catches her.

Part of the Henery Press Mystery Series Collection, if you like one, you’ll probably like them all! Lowcountry Boil is the first book in the Liz Talbot Southern mystery series. Bonus: Includes book club discussion questions.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Book count for 2013: 3

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  1. Susan M. Boyer 21 January 2013 at 9:58 am Permalink

    Candy, I’m thrilled you enjoyed Lowcountry Boil! Thank you so much for the lovely review. I love that you weren’t 100% sure Stella Maris is fictional. It is, but it is situated a little north of where Dewees Island actually resides.

    Yes–this is the first book in a series. The next book will be out later this year. I don’t have an exact date yet.

    Have a great week!

    Susan M. Boyer´s last blog post ..Bouchercon 2013

  2. Julie 21 January 2013 at 12:19 pm Permalink

    What a great review!! I really love Liz and her humor, I was laughing out loud at mulitple times while reading this!I am looking forward to what happens next! 🙂

    Julie Gallo
    Editorial Intern
    Henery Press

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