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Jackson Five: The Completed Animated Series DVD (1971)

While it can be hard to imagine the King of Pop as as a member of a group: Before there was Michael, there was the Jackson 5. Without the Jackson 5, we wouldn’t have such timeless classics as “Dancing Machine”, “Rockin’ Robin”, and “ABC”. The Jackson 5 has left a legacy that has been overshadowed by the most famous of the brothers.

But now the group is together again like it hasn’t been since 1972! In their very own animated TV series.

The sound and visuals are amazing. The colors really pop and some will say the animation is cheap and dated, I think it matches perfectly with the time that the cartoon originally aired. This is nostalgia of a time long past, packed onto 2 disks.

Each show has two songs (plus the always popular opening theme ABC). And in each the group solves a problem. This is a pretty common theme in cartoons from the 70’s and 80’s: teach kids that they can make a difference and it is ok to dream. This is something missing from most of today’s cartoon fare that focus more on combat, looks, or popularity.

My children (9 and 12) also liked it. My daughter especially got into watching it with me. She has been on a bit of a retro kick lately and really liked the slang of the time: groovy, can you dig it, and funky have found their way into her vocabulary.

I give this dvd set 4 stars. I recommend it for anyone with children that they would like to introduce to a little bit of music history or for someone that liked the show and wants to give it another go round.

Note: I was given a copy of this in exchange for an honest review.

For the FIRST-TIME EVER this complete animated series, that includes 23 FULL-LENGTH EPISODES and 46 ORIGINAL JACKSON 5IVE SONGS, is available to fans everywhere! With 2 complete songs in each episode you can join JACKIE, TITO, JERMAINE, MARLON and MICHAEL on tour, laughing at their crazy adventures and singing your heart out along the way GROOVY!

Rating: ★★★★☆

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