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Favorite by Karen McQuestion

Ugh. Let me say that I’m a huge Karen McQuestion fan. When I got this book, it fell off my radar and I found it recently and thought “oh, I should totally read that!”. Nearly everything this woman writes is gold, she’s amazing… but… this one didn’t work for me.

The story itself isn’t bad. It had kind of a “Flowers In The Attic” type of a feel to it. Slightly off-kilter type of a feeling. If you’ve read Great Expectations, I kind of envisioned the grandma as Ms. Havisham. So, the story had a lot of teeth, but it really just didn’t bite. The “twist” was overly predictable and overly foreshadowed. Unfortunately, I saw it coming a mile away. Even tweens would have caught it, I’m sure.

The pacing also felt off. It started out slow but with some promise, built up but… nothing.

Having said that, I’d totally let my kids read it, nothing wrong with it as far as content. The plot and storyline just kind of fell flat. It’s unfortunate because I’m a fan of the author and a fan of young adult books so I thought for sure I’d love them.

Bottom line? Unless you’re a diehard McQuestion fan, skip this one. Read another of her YA books called Edgewood instead.

Angie Favorite was just eleven years old when her mother disappeared, leaving Angie and her brother Jason to be raised by their grandmother while their rock-star father hit the road with his band. Since that day, Angie has gone through the motions of everyday life. She thinks she has everyone fooled—until the summer morning when she’s abducted from a mall parking lot. She narrowly escapes and her attacker, Scott Bittner, is arrested, but the weirdness has just begun. When Angie receives a letter from Scott’s mother, entreating her to meet so that she can apologize for her son’s actions, the girl reluctantly agrees. But it is soon obvious that Scott’s attack wasn’t random at all and that there is more to the strange Mrs. Bittner than meets the eye. In fact, she may hold the key to Angie’s mother’s disappearance. Part thriller, part coming-of-age tale, Favorite is an engrossing young-adult novel from a captivating author.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Book count for 2013: 4

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