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Brindle 24 by J.J. Brown

The author sent me this book recently and it sounded really interesting (and, admittedly, the odd fish on the cover caught my attention). I won’t rehash the plot for you, but it’s basically covering 24 hours in a small town that is home to a fracking gas type-company.

I had heard of fracking in passing, but I really didn’t know what it was. I kept waiting on the author to give us more information about the mechanics of it. What it means, how it’s done, etc. We are told about it in bits and pieces, but I never felt we were really told more than surface information about it. Perhaps the author assumed everyone knows about it, but I really didn’t.

It starts off really strong with an awesomely written first chapter or two… but then it kind of loses steam as the author’s obvious poetry background starts to come into play. A few too many flowery words and a perhaps just a touch of too much environmental preachiness. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty green, but if you aren’t expecting the airy writing, it can be a little overwhelming. I felt that I missed several pieces of information because it was overwritten in places.

BUT… here’s the thing. It’s a good story – a REALLY good story. It’s a topic that I’d like to read more about – especially in a fictional setting such as this. I really felt my heart leaping for these folks and wanting to know more about the subject and the people in the story. It just ended up falling a little flat for me. It needed a little more “oomph”, a little more action and a little less poetic license, perhaps.

Recommended for those who like environmental books. It wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, but I know others would enjoy it!

New fiction shines a brutal light on toxic chemical use by the gas drilling industry, that exacts a heavy toll on all life forms. Brindle 24 tells the raw story of a nuclear family who live in intimate harmony with the land, but are torn apart by effects of hydraulic fracturing, fracking, beneath their ancestral home. The fates of the family over 24 hours in the Marcellus Shale will haunt the reader.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Book count for 2013: 2

2 Responses to “Brindle 24 by J.J. Brown”

  1. Lisa @ Savvy Events 11 January 2013 at 10:31 am Permalink

    I’m totally with you, Candy — I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of fracking (except as a replacement word for people who are trying to clean up their language). I’d be lost.

    I’ve read a couple of preachy environmental books, and it definitely requires a light touch, or at least a fascinating plot.

    As always, thanks for the review!
    Lisa @ Savvy Events´s last blog post ..New Year, New Events

  2. J.J.Brown 12 January 2013 at 7:20 am Permalink

    Candy thanks for the review of my new book Brindle 24. It is so great to hear the characters touched your heart. As a scientist myself, taking on fracking was a challenge and I learned a lot through researching for the book. I hope more people write about it in the future!

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