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Verso Artist Series Cities Case for Kindle Fire HD 7″, Red (will only fit Kindle Fire HD 7″) by Lightwedge

I love my electronics, but I’m a bit picky about the covers. I will admit that I usually choose function over aesthetics, but this cover really has me hooked and my Fire has been living happily in it every since. It’s just so darn… cute. It’s so lightweight and stylish. It doesn’t feel or look anything like an electronics case/cover. It looks like a journal or an interesting book.

The Fire is held in by 4 elastic bands (very snuggly) and it includes a small pocket to hold cards, etc on the inside cover. There’s nothing overly fancy about the function, but for those of us that want to pretty up our stuff, this is definitely a keeper.

Beautiful product, well executed and just plain pretty. Recommended for us girls who like a little flair with our geekdom.

Artist Sharyn Sowell often works as an artist on board cruise ships, so she spends a lot of time traveling all over the world for work. “I found myself musing over the cities I’ve visited, thinking how some are breathtakingly beautiful, some haunting and mysterious, some serene,” says Sharyn. “Places fascinate me because they are the essence of the people who inhabit them.”

With the Verso Cities e-reader cover, Sharyn used fluid calligraphic letterforms to ink the names of cities she loves, cities she still wanted to visit, and cities she found compelling or fascinating. Much like a good book, she says, arriving in a city opens you up to its unique world of complexity and culture.

Wherever your travels take you, the Verso Cities e-reader cover is designed to stand up to the rigors of the journey. The synthetic cover stands up well to bouncing around in luggage while the interior is lined with advanced microfiber that provides maximum softness where it contacts your e-reader. An interior pocket keeps important documents or receipts, and silicone-striped corner elastic straps will firmly grip your e-reader for the lifetime of the device—guaranteed.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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