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The Littlest Angel by Heidi Chandler

When this book came in from the author, asking for a review, I tossed it aside, in all honesty. I just wasn’t sure I could read it, it seemed like such a sad story and having two children of my own, I wasn’t sure I couldn’t read it. I mean, this woman lost her baby at nearly full term. It’s every pregnant woman’s nightmare. I added it to my review pile, but figured I wouldn’t ever really read it.

That was about a month ago and for some reason, I kept being drawn to this simple email and story. Like it WANTED to be read. I gave in and read it and I must say that I’m glad I did. I’ve read a few of these books and they seem to run the gamut from “life sucks and I’m special because something horrible happened to me” to “God saved me and he’ll save you too” – neither of which, frankly, ring true to me.

This one rang true. Like REALLY true. From the author’s raw overly emotional anger and resentment to blaming herself and everyone around her. I really want to write “to acceptance” here, but I’m not sure that you ever truly “accept” this sort of thing. It seems more of a level of “being okay”. I’m not sure what the difference is, really, but I think the author conveys this well.

Raw and honest is really the best I can describe. She lets us into her head, even the thoughts that no one would want to admit out loud that they had. She tells us what she’s feeling and doing and… ya know, it’s not always politically correct – but is there really a PC way to go through this kind of thing? Her feelings are valid and she does one heck of a job in letting us in on those.

I’m not sure who I would recommend this for. I think it was an important read for me… if only to get some understanding of what folks that go through this type of thing are feeling. I’m a memoir-reader and this was, truthfully, one of the best I’ve read in a long time.

Well done. Well executed. But will leave you with a little piece of your heart broken off.

Two weeks before her due date, my unborn daughter unexpectedly died. After the shock wore off, I found myself in the depths of depression, questioning my worth as a mother, wife, and human being. This deeply personal story of love, loss, and redemption follows my quest to find normal after being blindsided by death, and proves that it is possible to live, love, and smile again.

Rating: ★★★★★

Book count for 2012: 41

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