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SHUDDERVILLE by Mia Zabrisky

Confession: I only chose this book to read because I was sick of seeing Christmas trees up already around town. I’m pretty sure they started putting the things up in March this year and I wanted something semi-evil to read or at least something a little twisted. I couldn’t find a book with a killer snowman or something so this won out by sheer “make me forget the words to Jingle Bell Rock” force.

I wasn’t really expecting too much. I usually catch on really quick to this genre and know the storyline and what’s going on. What I didn’t know is that:
1) I would never know what the heck was going on until the author revealed it (dagnabit it, she got me); and
2) It’s a freaking series of shorts. NOOOOO!!! I promised myself, NO MORE SERIES. I have too many going and I lose track.

So, yeah. This is REALLY good. Like so good that I’m restraining from going out and buying the next one to find out what happens because I have another book I need to read. But I won’t forget this story any time soon. I totally had NO idea what was going on when I started this book and, frankly, was getting annoyed a few screens in… until the author started to piece it all together for me.

THIS, people, is how short fiction is done. No idea where this author came from, but she’s going places. One to watch for sure.

Recommended for thriller lovers and those that like a little mind-bending “what the heck” moments.

Sophie would do anything to get her dead daughter back. After losing her husband and child in a tragic accident, she spends her evenings alone in her apartment, getting drunk and eavesdropping on her feuding neighbors.

One day the man next door makes a startling offer. And Sophie’s life will never be the same.

The first in a new sci-fi/horror/paranormal series, SHUDDERVILLE kicks off the story of what happens when two quantum physicists bungle an experiment in the mid-1960s, with terrifying unexpected consequences. And Sophie’s dead daughter may be the key to it all.

Rating: ★★★★★

Book count for 2012: 36

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