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OtterBox 77-21515 Prefix Series Hybrid Case for Samsung Galaxy S III – Retail Packaging – Carbon

I have always kept my phone insured. I’ve had covers, but I’m kind of famous for dropping them or accidentally tossing them while walking or my kid knocking it out of my hand and shattering it. You name the phone accident and I’ve pretty much managed to destroy one in that way. So, yeah, insurance is my friend.

I’ve had this cover for a couple of weeks now. I was dropping the slippery S3 all over the place and figured it was just a matter of (short) time before I broke it, so when I popped it into this cover I kind of giggled… wondering how long it would take me to break the phone.

Honestly, I don’t think I can break it now. Talk about super protected! Not only is it very “grippy” and doesn’t slide around my car dashboard, but it’s also rock solid. I’ve dropped this thing a few times (even face down), but it’s not blinked or scratched or even seemed to care.

It came with a little card thing that was going to help you install it. I figured it would be really tight, but it snapped out pretty easily.

I’m absolutely thrilled with this cover… I wonder if my insurance company will call me to find out if I’m still alive… hmmm…

Well done.

Durable protection, one-step installation and playful. This is what we were envisioning. The idea of an innovative, sleek, yet sturdy case sparked our interest while exploring a new single-layer case. And so the Prefix Series for the Galaxy S III was born! This dual material, unibody case has a solid interior support structure for added protection for the Galaxy S III when you need it. Sticking with simplicity in its single layer form, the Prefix Series features durable silicone that deflects impact from bumps and shocks, an interior polycarbonate skeleton and a self-adhesive screen protector that prevents scratches, eliminating worry while you keep it fun and lively.

Rating: ★★★★★

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