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Gund Crawl with Me Turtle Animated Musical 11.5″ Plush by Gund

I picked this up for my 3 month old nephew because I thought it looked SO cute. And cute it is. And who doesn’t like turtles. I will admit that he’s not quite crawling yet, but that didn’t mean that us adults couldn’t play with it – and play with it we did. Such a sweet little toy and we cannot wait for him to try to go after it. My kids are all older and even they said it would be a hit.

I can see how it might get annoying after a while, but I didn’t find it to be overly loud so I doubt it would be banished to the garage right away.

If you have a little one that is just learning to crawl, you simply cannot go wrong with this. It’s amazingly adorable and I really kind of wanted to take it back home with me.

Recommended for the crawlers out there.

The interactive babyGUND Crawl with Me Turtle makes a delightful toy for beginning crawlers. Set this slow-moving turtle down in the playroom and watch your baby move to keep up. The turtle plays music and offers verbal encouragement as it moves, congratulating the baby for touching its shell. Designed for infants with adult supervision, this toy comes with a convenient on/off switch that also allows Crawl with Me Turtle to be used as a stationary toy.

Interactive Features Encourage Development

This turtle’s plush head and shell encourage babies to explore their surroundings. When set on a hard surface, the turtle begins moving at just the right pace for infants. Even pre-crawlers will be able to wiggle their way over to the friendly Crawl with Me Turtle.

As it moves, the turtle plays music and encourages babies with phrases such as “catch me,” “this is fun,” and “let’s crawl together.” The interactive nature of this toy makes it ideal for improving language comprehension as well as gross motor skills.

Sturdy Construction Offers Long-Lasting Fun

During testing, this toy stood up to rough play and even kept going after taking a tumble off of a table. While designed for infants, our toddler testers enjoyed following Crawl with Me Turtle on its adventures.

Parents will appreciate that the turtle can be turned off and used as a stationary toy. The on/off switch also stops the music and speaking functions.

It should be noted that, while ideally sized for infants, this turtle contains mechanical features and can only be surface-washed. While the entire turtle is encased in plush material, due to its weight and moving parts, this toy should be used with adult supervision.

Rating: ★★★★★

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